Visualizing speech length, frequency & interruptions in the first Trump/Clinton Presidential Debate.

Chelsea Carlson
September 28, 2016

It’s debate season on our website! Rather than looking for winners and losers or analyzing policy, I’ll be sticking to the data points this fall.

Each debate, I’ll be creating a new type of data visualization focused on a different aspect of the candidates’ speech, manner or expressions.

For this visualization, I’m looking at uninterrupted speech lengths by the candidates and moderator, Lester Holt.

So take a look at the data and I’ll leave you to draw your own political conclusions.




DIY data coloring sheets & facial analysis projects in the works for future debates.

So stay tuned for more political data fun & be sure to actually vote!


Chelsea is a graphic designer at Umbel. She’s obsessed with the intersection of art, data, politics, and design. Side projects include lasercutting everything in sight, illustrating a children’s book with her best friend, exploring tiny Texas towns, and feeling 23.