Color By Data

2016 Presidential Debate Data Coloring Book

Chelsea Carlson


October 18, 2016

Stressed out by this election?

You’re in good company with 52% of Americans say they’re “very or somewhat” stressed about this election.

To tackle this problem I’ve created a series of coloring book-style data visualizations you can play with while you watch the debate. Your blood pressure will thank you.


The DIY data visualizations focus on three different issues central to the campaigns.

The question of style vs. substance has been a constant refrain in this election. Do you like what she says but hate how she says it? This graph lets you separate how you feel about the issue from how much you like the style or delivery.

Next up, you can compare the number and severity of positive or negative statements by each candidate. This reflects a larger trend in the campaign: the fundamental divide between how the two candidates view the state of the country.

In a campaign rampant with discussions of presidential temperament and behavior, I couldn’t help but include a page dedicated the ever-elusive quality of “presidentialness”. There are apple pies involved in this one.

Share shots of your pages using #ColorByData! I’ll share a roundup of my favorites after the debate.


  • Want to use my Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump illustrations for your own election project? Download them for free from Noun Project.
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